As far as I can remember, I have always been interested in motorsports, especially Formula 1. I remember playing as a child, Super Top Trump cards with my friends and watching the Formula 1 Grand Prix races on Sundays. I was too young to understand much, but I was always excited to watch my hero pilots like Niki Lauda, Nelson Piquet, Mario Andretti, Alain Prost and others, fighting for the first position, the pole or the title. The seed of the passion for racing cars was sown in me.

We were unconnected back then, so the only way to stay informed was through magazines. I had piled up so many of them. I was leafing them, reading every article and looking at the photos again and again. And as time passed, I realised the fineness and the sportsmanship of this sport. I realised that beyond being athletes, those guys were heroes living for the race and risking their lives for glory.

Revolicius started as a way of self expression, but it’s also dedicated to the huge crowd of enthusiasts, that want to have a print collection of their favourite cars.

Ayrton Senna’s deadly accident shook up the world, but strangely made me love the sport more and try to study thoroughly the F1 industry in terms of technology, mechanics and commercial content. The technical level of the teams, the driving skills and the physical condition of the pilots and also the glamour of the sport always kept me excited till the next event. Time passed and as a professional graphic designer I started dealing with the sport from an artistic side which day by day expanded to racing cars, historical cars, etc.

Top level racing cars are masterpieces of technology but also of art, as well. They deserve to be reproduced in many ways and stay immortal. Ideally to adorn a nice living room, a home office or even a garage. I always liked to draw and design, so it came naturally for me to start implementing my passion. I like using pens and markers or even water colours but digital tools made things much easier.
So I design the cars I like and been attracted to, in a way that it’s not a sketch, a vector or a 3d model which I believe would look cold. I’d say I design in a photographic way but with the imperfections that a hand designed work has. The finished work though is detailed enough, to show the beauty of the object.

Stamatis Tsirdimos | Art director. Car enthusiast. F1 fanatic.