Bespoke prints


Make a custom order, whatever it is!

For those who haven't found what they were looking for in the shop, for those who want their dream car on their wall, or for those who want to gift the ultimate present for any petrolhead.

How much?

The pricing for bespoke prints basically depends on the time I need to prepare the illustration. I can either customise cars you may have seen in the shop or in Instagram, or create a bespoke illustration of your car from scratch.

Small projects - ones involving little adjustment like color changes, etc. on already existing illustrations start at €50. Pricing then depends on the amount of work required.

Large projects - ones that require illustrating a vehicle from scratch, in a large size, can be anywhere starting from €150. The price involves hours of thorough research for reference photographs and days of work on the actual illustration. To give you an idea, a simple and common car like the Porsche 356 can take 25+ hours to create, while a more complex one, like the Mercedes W10 F1 car, can take 40+ hours to finish. There are special projects of course, like the DUCATI on the left, that need to be discussed independently.

Final price is always discussed upfront with customer, upon seeing photographs or reviewing provided specifications.

How does it work?

Once we get to it, the process is fairly straight forward. We start with locking down the specs of the desired car. Being provided high quality resource photographs really helps here. I then start with my own research and working on the actual illustration, sending you previews along the way and asking for your feedback. It‘s important that you‘re happy with the details as you know your car best.

Once the final preview and print file has been approved we lock in the delivery address, payment and the print is soon on it's way to you!